How To Wear The Health Goth Trend?


Have you noticed trainers and tatts are the new issue gym kit?

Coming to a social feed near you, #healthgoth is a collection of like-minded guys and girls bragging about their workouts.


Not sounding that out of the ordinary? How about when we share that their gym kit is more fetish than fitness. Think mesh, latex leggings and controversial slogans. It puts our gym kit to shame that’s for sure.


But where did it all come from? According to chatter across the web the health goth movement has been building for some while. Originally a Facebook page, started by American musicians Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott, it’s now a trending hashtag and even an online fashion store. The last is stocked with satirical slogans.


So what started out as an internet movement is now the new #fitspo – the recent Alexander Wang x H&M collection, along with Mary Katrantzou’s collection with Adidas Orignals are as gothic as gymwear gets.


Here’s the original 10 commandants of being a #healthgoth by Jonny Deathface himself.



1. Learn to deadlift properly. There is no lift more goth than the deadlift. I propose changing the name of this to “Bela Lugosi's Deadlift" or "deathlift" (hat coming soon, you heard it here first)

2. North Face is not healthgoth. North Face is for yuppies, and while we're on the subject of yuppies…

3. Running is not healthgoth either. Neither is yoga, that’s also for yuppies.

4. Stop eating carbs. Carbs are not healthgoth. How are you gonna look good in your compression shirt when you have a gut? You’re not, so stop eating carbs.

5. Don’t check yourself out in the mirror at the gym. Healthgoths wait ’til they get home to flex so they can see how big their lats have gotten.

6. Use the full range of motion on every lift. If you're doing bicep curls and you’re letting the weight drop back down after you lift, then you're skipping on half the exercise—namely, the negative, and healthgoth is all about being negative.

7. A healthgoth’s favorite season is cutting season, no argument.

8. Don’t skip leg day.

9. Pre-workout is better than cocaine, because instead of talking about bullshit for an hour, you get a sick pump, and everyone loves vascularity.

10. Healthgoth is a completely made-up subculture, but it means that I don’t have to change out of my gym clothes to go out, so I’m all for it.


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