Ask sXs: How To Stack Jewellery Like A Fashion Blogger


Stacking jewellery can be simple. Let Joanne Low, founder and jewellery designer of Joanne L., give you some tips. 

Hi styleXstyle, I love how fashion bloggers and celebrities are stacking their jewellery, whether it’s necklaces or rings. Is there a “right” way of wearing this trend?

Joanne Low: Coco Chanel famously said that before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory. Today, however, one can — and is perhaps even encouraged to — do the opposite. In the fashion world now, stacking and multiplying is the order of the day, and it is perfectly acceptable to have a sleeve of bangles and bracelets, or to wear more necklaces than a rapper, as long as you do it right.

Here are some guidelines to keep you on the right side of the fashion police.

IAM by Ileana Makri, Monica Vinader Fiji rose gold-plated diamond necklace, and Diane Kordas Bar Necklace, from Net-a-Porter


Layering necklaces is still a classic art, so it is best to keep to elegant, understated designs. Thin chains generally look best together, and complementary or similar colours rule the day. Make sure that the necklaces are similar yet have some contrasting qualities, for example, in the thickness or textures of the chain or the pendant. Start with three pieces — a short one around the collarbone, a slightly longer one just above the bustline and the third below the bustline. Play around with length and add on more pieces if you feel comfortable, making sure that the outfit you wear — specifically the neckline and print of your top — does not distract from the overall look.

Joanne L Toast Rings, from Joanne L.


If necklaces are not your thing, then let your fingers do the wowing. There are few golden rules in stacking rings, other than to make sure you're comfortable (and that you look good of course!). For rings, it's perfectly acceptable to be random. Play with size, especially with the thickness of different rings. In general, however, skinny rings always look great together. Throw in one with a different shape or with some sparkling gemstones at the top to create a totally different look. Mix warm and cool colours. Experiment with different shapes, skew the lines, play with height and throw symmetry out the window.


If you can’t get enough of arm candy – now is a good time to get your fix. It's hard to go wrong with several bracelets, even if mixed and matched. This time, fool around with thickness. Start with an eye-catching statement piece, even a watch. Next, pile on a piece in a different texture then build up the whole look with skinny chain bracelets. Charm bracelets and gemstone bracelets always do a good job together.

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