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About styleXstyle

You won't die if you fail, you will only learn. 
You are braver than you think.

On November 15, 2012, styleXstyle.com went live. There were all of five active users — the five pioneering team members.

Today, there are many, many more of you, reading, using and — dare we say — loving the website (thank you!).

styleXstyle.com is the Singaporean millennial's guide to what's trending in fashion, beauty and lifestyle  — both locally and across the globe. 

In addition to bringing you a meticulously curated collection of fashion and beauty news daily, we also show you the hottest looks and how/where to get them. Not to mention the unique platform styleXstyle provides so readers, fans and community members can showcase their style by posting every-day outfits (#LOTD!) — a platform where you can inspire and be inspired, see and be seen.

More than that, we are also constantly on the look-out for the coolest, most stylish and inspiring people — designers, celebrities, bloggers, tastemakers, style influencers — who'd share their stories, fashion/beauty tips and, if we're very lucky, treat us to a precious glimpse into their fabulous wardrobes

We partner up with experts of their fields to solve your style and beauty conundrums in our Ask sXs columnWe deliver our specially curated Little Black Beauty Box to your doorstep. We welcome you to our events and parties, and invite you to be a part of our campaigns. We also have our own styleXstyle TV so you can see it all up close and in action.

At styleXstyle, "X" marks the spot ... where all things stylish are!

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The Team

SHARON AU / Lead of styleXstyle
After a hugely successful career as compere and actress in Mediacorp, Sharon upped and left to take up a scholarship at the University of Waseda in Tokyo, where she read International Relations and Law. Her course required a proficiency in Japanese, but she also chose to take up French, and ended up spending over a year in Lyon doing part of her university programme in her newfound language.

After graduating with flying colours in Waseda, Sharon returned to a new role at Mediacorp. She spearheaded and successfully launched Mediacorp’s first fashion community portal www.stylexstyle.com where she kicked start another business in February 2013- in the form of THE LITTLE BLACK BEAUTY BOX. Under her stewardship, styleXstyle.com spinned off Asia Style Collection, a FashionXMusic extravaganza, in June 2013, successfully bringing Asian talents together on one giant runway. 

JEREMY TAN / Contributing Fashion And Creative Director
Jeremy has been working as a fashion stylist to many local and international celebs for more than 20 years. Fashion has become an important part of his life and he gets his inspiration from travelling, music, movies, books, and by observing people on the streets. 

DAWN HEE (DawnHeeBL@mediacorp.com.sg) / Writer, styleXstyle
Dawn believes in doing the write thing, and is almost always dressed in black. When she’s not taking the world by storm, she can be found having oyster omelette without oysters, stocking up on Nespresso capsules (Caramelito rocks) or adding on to her collection of polka dot items.

MONA TEO / Contributing Writer, styleXstyle
Coolest moment of her life was probably when her doctor told her she heals “significantly faster than most people”.  She also has an unhealthy fondness for Alexander Wang, traveling, epic parties, cats and for some reason, brussels sprouts (especially with bacon).  

CYNTHIA TAN (CynthiaTanSY@mediacorp.com.sg) / Senior Marketing Executive, styleXstyle
Cynthia (strongly) believes in following her heart – which led her here. And when all else fails, there’s always fries and ice cream.

JASMINE TAN (Jasmine.Tan@mediacorp.com.sg) / Senior Marketing Executive, styleXstyle
Jasmine is constantly trying to find the perfect balance between eccentricity and rationality. Is she quirky? Perhaps. In her spare time, she's either filling up Airbnb wishlists or spacing out.

KOH XIU WEN (xiuwenshawol@gmail.com) 
A self proclaimed Know-it-All for Korean celebrity news. When she isn't searching for updates on BIGBANG, Xiu Wen can be found working on fashion sketches or stitching up fab outfits in her room.

ZENAVIA QUEK (zenaviaquek@gmail.com
Armed with a good movie and bag of chips, Zen loves spending time at home with her dogs and boyfriend. Also, if you can't already tell, she gets her energy from food and lots of sleep.

ALLYSON ANNE KLASS / Editor, Style: Weddings 

Allyson began her publishing career 16 years ago as a wide-eyed fashion stylist and writer working for various magazines. She’s been the Editor of Style Weddings for the past 6 years, where she continues to fulfil her passion of shooting fashion spreads. A sucker for too-pretty-for-words pictures, irreverent GIFs, silly animal videos, and a good tearjerker of a human-interest story (she blames it on an elusive onion ninja lurking in office) — it’s only natural that she’s in charge of Style: Weddings’ social media platforms.     

JASMINE ALIMIN / Assistant Editor, Style: Weddings 
No spring chicken to the wacky world of magazines, Jasmine’s 16-year career started at the trenches as an Editorial Assistant and gradually worked her way up to Beauty Editor for various lifestyle titles. Now the Assistant Editor of Style: Weddings, her skills are put to the test as she produces digital and print content simultaneously, while learning new tricks on Photoshop daily!

CHONG HUIXIAN / Senior Marketing Executive, Style: Weddings 
Hui Xian loves all things wedding, and has a passion to work on all things related to the industry. During her spare time, you can probably find her enjoying her cup of coffee and slice of cake at a cafe.

AIK CHEN / Chief Photographer
Aik is "Boss" to the team of photographers behind styleXstyle and is the friendliest man you'll ever meet. Majoring in graphic design helped him realise his passion for photography and it has seen him through 22 years in the industry. His favourite thing to shoot is people and when he's not working, he spends time with his loved ones.

EALBERT HO / Executive Photographer
Ealbert is a self-confessed music junkie and loves street photography because it captures life 'as it is'. Stylist Sharon Tulasidas and photographer Wee Khim are amongst those who inspire him, and he is proud to say that he owns an entire collection of Playmobil toys.

KELVIN CHIA / Senior Photographer
Stern-faced Kelvin might be intimidating at first sight, but you'll be rolling on the floor in laughter as soon as he warms up to you. Having been in the photographic society since his junior college days, he has only grown to love photography more. Video games are his guilty pleasure and he occasionally likes to watch movies. 

MARK LEE / Photographer
Mark is the youngest in the team and is fun-loving. Becoming a photographer was unexpected for him but he remains extremely grateful for the opportunities he has been given. His eyes light up at the mention of food because it is his favourite thing to shoot, although sometimes his stomach can't wait. He is young at heart and confesses that his bed is his best friend.

HONG CHEE YAN / Photographer
Photography gave a lost Chee Yan direction and a passion to work for. He admits that he loves the freedom his job gives, and it is perfect for him because he cannot stay in one place too long. He loves chilling out with his friends and exercising when he's not working and feels that learning to accept criticism is the most important to grow as a photographer.


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